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No more unwanted calls, just real flat hunters

We guarantee that nobody will call you without your previous permission and befor ahowing the flat to anybody you get information about would-be tenants.

The tiny scam definer

This flat is only searched by men, who come here to sleep

A group of 10-15 seasonal workers (changing every two weeks) and 2 trays of beer per man would like to fit into a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. It is true that next to sleeping they will not have time for anything else, not even for cleaning up.

The flat won't look used, I'm keeping it nice

Whether you have made a deal beforehand or not, the floor will be polished and varnished every half year, the locks will always be oiled, and the colours of the rooms are changing every two month. On the release of the rent it will be signed every single month that the tenant does not pay the rent, but then again, because of the costs of the material and services, you owe him plenty of money instead.

I am looking for a realty for living purposes, that has the ability to invoice

I have many friends, who all claim to visit me every two week or every month, because I am such a positive character, who fills up people with plenty of energy. That is why, when they leave, they look markably better: their hair and skin glows better, their nails are properly cared for and they leave a tender scent of fresh shampoo after themself in the staircase.

To those who see me as a piggy bank, don't even even contact me

The passive-agressive tenant, who so far has only made seriously horrible experinces with every single apartment and owner on his way. He always overlooks the fact, that for example last time he did not receive his deposit back, because he put fake pstal stamp on every check-stub that should have been paid.

I don't smoke, nor drink, and I like the tidiness around myself

The way too perfect tenant. This one doesn't even exist. Probably he keeps a discreet black sports bag in the back of the closet, where he keeps his gutter hunter's set, his chopper electronic manual saw, his medical folding knives, duct tapes, foiles and super-sized rubbish bags.

I am looking for apartments for reliable tenants

The new and very ambitious employee of this real estate agency would like to have new properies in the data base of the company, to where after the paying of a small commission fee, success fee and other premiums she would find some tenants too.
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Why is Rentingo different?

Real tenants

You’ve just registered your rental when you get a call and the caller sounds really eager to see your apartment right away. However, after the meeting you find yourself with an agent's business card in your hand and they promise to find the perfect tenant for you in no time. Yep, this is exactly what you want, too – but on your own. You don’t have to deal with the vultures any more - flat hunters have to make their own profiles. It is your decision who you meet, and later you can rate the applicants.

Best rental fees you can get

Is there unusually high interest in your apartment and everybody is asking about the extra costs? You may still be offering your rental at the 2010 price level. With Rentingo you can organize an online auction among potential tenants, so the property will be rented out at the best price.

It's easier than you think.

What should the conditions of the cancellation be? How do we say 'half-basement' in Hungarian? If you are in lack of time and energy to answer these questions, please, ask for our help! Our expert helps you write the description of your ad, we will provide a sample contract for you and also translate your text into different languages. You don't need to worry about anything, all that is left to do is for you to choose the right tenant for your apartment.