The tiny scam definer

The furniture can be altered by the needs of the tenant

You can bring your own furniture, but we will not take any of the load of unnecessary junk away, plus we will likely pass to you a few furniture a month, which has become uncalled for in our own place.

students preferred / recommended for students

I only rent out my flat for young and unexperienced students, who I can easier dump after two weeks than let's say a family with three kids, in case the apartment, which is put up for sale and for rent as well, gets sold.

it calls for a little bit of imagination

1. Some kind of important piece of basic equipment is missing (kitchen unit, bathtub, dividing wall) 2. I haven't finished with renovating the flat, but I already want to rent it out, so some money can come in.

the transportation is excellent here

You can only sleep with some earplugs 2. It is situated next to a motorway lead-in road

Only for someone who is exacting with himself and his atmosphere and surroundings

1. I am going to check weekly, to see if you clean it neatly 2. I am going to make the old lady next door watch you constantly

furnished with classic/antique furnitures

1. Granny missed this year's clearance, and it would have been much more expensive to get her things carried away, than to bring all of her junk over to the new flat. 2. Great-granny has moved to us, her old apartment is now for rent.

minimum tenancy: two weeks/one month

The flat can be sold anytime above your head. Even two days after you moving in.

the district is re-established, in a safe part of it

After 8 o'clock in summer, and after 6 during winter times, it is not recommended to stay out alone, but if you still don't have anyone to accompany you, the prostitutes would surely love to escort you from the trolley busstop to the gate of the house.

Down to recent times it was used as an office, but it was not long ago altered into a home.

In the yard of the condominium, it is situated just between "Rozi's Grocery" and "Awe Solarium" , it stinks a tiny bit of meat, has a casier's desk in the entrance room, and a red-white floor-tile in the bedroom.

Children can not be brought/Only for adults

Nem, nem rakhatod fel a saját függönyeidet. I consider terminating the contract in case of improper use, if I see a fingerprint on the high glossed furnitures or if you hit a nail to the wall without my written approval ... and if you get pregnant. And no, you can not hang up your own curtains.

In a dynamically developing part of the city

A gated community that can be reached within a 20 minutes long bus ride from the city border, in the neighbourhood of a hypermarket (which is still in progress) and a intermitted office block.

with a panorama view

From the kitchen window on the 12th floor of this block of the flats you have a nice view of the dog's running park, and from the bedroom you can keep tabs on what the always flimsy clothed old man next door is doing.
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Why is Rentingo different?

Valid rentals only

It is never a good sign if a property has been advertised for months, and you should be suspicious to find three different apartments located quite close to each other with exactly the same interior. With our help, it is very easy for you to decide whether the place is still available to rent or not. Moreover, each property can be identified with their topographical number, so they won’t multiply by magic.

Real landlords

The owner of your dream apartment is currently on holiday in Costa Rica, but they would immediately send a key and a contract to you in exchange for a 3-month deposit? Thanks, but no thanks. We check the legal ownership conditions of each rental with Rentingo guarantee so you can make sure that he real owner is behind the ad.


Just seconds before signing the contract you realise that the whole apartment vibrates when a train rumbles past and also that water consumption is not included in common cost? To help other tenants you can share your experiences by rating landlords. Just be honest: the more detailed landlord references you submit, the bigger the chance to find your perfect rental.