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We help you so that your flat does not stand empty!

You would like to rent a flat or are you looking for a flatmate or a room?
All our services are FREE for you.

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Create your introductory profile, describe what your dream rental would be like and you can start your search. The more detailed you describe your criteria, the better offers you can get from the owners. All our services are FREE for you!


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As an individual, you can advertise all the properties you own for FREE. Any amount, anytime. Throughout the year, either in “available” or “rented out” status. If you want to find a tenant faster, you can even buy a premium package for 30 days.


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Rentingo is a social network site for tenants and landlords. Business users and legal entities can only use our service as part of a business membership, after concluding a contract concerning it.


Find an apartment differently!

Real tenants and landlords
Rentingo is a social network site where everyone creates a real introductory profile about themselves. There are no fake profiles or real estate agents.
The best value for money service
With us, all ads appear with photos, floor plans, street views and detailed descriptions. No pig in a poke, no duplication, no expired ads.
Convenient and fast contacting
All questions can be arranged via chat and you only need to provide your contact details to the person you would really like to meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I advertise an apartment that is not owned by me?
Why do I have to provide so much information during registration?
Why are you asking for the topographic number?
I am looking for an apartment for a friend. Can I register on his behalf?
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