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About us ...


It happened a while ago, maybe at the beginning of 2015, when one of our co-workers burst into tears in our office. We asked her, what was wrong, and if we could help her with something? Erika told us that they had to find a new apartment, and how difficult the whole process was, but after all they found a really good place to live. They quickly put down the two-month deposit, and were told by the real estate agent that in just three short days, they will get their keys. On the third day, they were sitting at the police station, denouncing the agent, with eight other people, who already paid the same price for the exact same apartment.

That was the first time we’ve ever met the expression “real estate fraud”. We couldn’t understand, how irresponsible some people can be, giving hundreds of thousands of forints to total strangers, without any supervision. That was when we realized, how vulnerable the renters’ situation is and how badly these advertising websites function, where all of the flats are being advertised more times (sometimes even for different prices), and many ads are still appearing on the pages, even though they have already been rented.

Our team’s goal is to help those people, who are looking for a suitable place to live, and also those, who only want to have a reliable tenant in their apartment. During renting a flat, a long-term business connection will be established, where trust is necessary. Reliance is based on transparency and on knowing the other party. You might as well can look for a tenant, a landlord or even for a roommate, please introduce yourself properly, so the other person can get to know you as well as possible and so the needed trust can be found amongst you!

We have already made the surface for you, now it is your turn!