It’s not an ordinary marketplace where in exchange for free services you meet unserious tenants and expired advertisements. Rentingo is a marketplace where for your money you can find tenants, rentals or roommates comfortably and efficiently. Our service is free for tenants and roommate hunters, and landlords can choose among a number of premium services beyound the free basic package.

For landlords
  • Contact data of landlords are not public, therefore no real estate agents will disturb you.
  • According to the profile and the ratings of the tenants, you can decide who you show your apartment.
  • We translate your ad into Hungarian and/or German, and you can even start an online auction.
For tenants
  • If you are transparent and complete your profile, then you can even try our services for free.
  • On Rentingo every property can be listed once and every ad is actual.
  • Landlords and their apartments are already rated, so you won't get a surprise on the spot.
For roommates
  • We offer someone based on your preferences instead of a friend's friend's friend.
  • Profiles and ratings based on identified users.
  • Before making a connection you can see how your lifestyles match.

Pricing of registrering a rental
The three packages are good for different purposes. If you are just getting to know us, go for the free basic package which puts you in the picture how our site works. Our medium package is for the more serious ones. They will experience how convenient it is to lease a rental. But without any doubt, the users of the highest package can put their feet up and relax since the perfect tenant will be found in no time.

Select your perfect package!

Give it a go, without any risk! Your package choice is not a permanent decision, you can upgrade anytime while registering the property. It is your decision how fast and efficiently you want to rent out your apartment.

(Don't worry, of course these are one-time fees)

Let's see it

  • It is a useful starting package if you want to try our service. You can even find a tenant using this.
  • You can use basic functions for free.
  • You can upgrade for a bigger package anytime.
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Chosen by 37% of the users

Let's do it!

  • If you want to be sure, this is your package.
  • You will get several extra services for your money!
  • More contact credits, longer advertising period - you will find your tenants much faster.
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9 990 HUF


Chosen by 44% of the users. 

Let's do it well!

  • If you want to rent out your property at the best price, choose this package.
  • We provide help to make the text and the pricing of your apartment right.
  • We translate your ad for you, so foreign tenants can also read it.
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19 990 HUF


Chosen by 19% of the landlords. 

Let's see it Let's do it Let's do it well
List in 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks

The duration your uploaded property will be listed. After that it won’t be available. You can reactivate it after the expiration by purchasing a new package without having to provide all the previously uploaded details.

Number of contacts 5 10 20

The number of enquirers whose contact requests you can accept. If a visitor would like to contact you about a rental, you can decide whether to accept or reject it. Credits will be charged only after contacts you accept.

Number of photos 10 20 20

You can upload this number of photos to each rental. The separately uploadable floor plan is not included in it. All packages contain the floor plan image free of charge.

Upload floor plan

Besides the photos you can upload a separate floor plan as well, so tenants can have an overview of the structure of the property.

Sample contract

A proper contract protects both parties. You will find a sample contract from Rentingo even in the free package for fix and flexible durations.

Upload video

One photo speaks louder than a thousand words, one video speaks louder than a thousand photos. You’ll find a tenant faster if you advertise your rental with a video as well.


You can highlight your ad among the others, if you write a catchy subtitle.

Rentingo guarantee

We check your details if you are the real owner of the rental, and we will indicate this to the tenants with the Rentingo guarantee flag.

Professional help

Are you sure that the description includes everything that the tenants are curious about? Did you set the price of the rent properly? On your request, our expert will look through your ad and will make suggestions in order for you to achieve your goals in the housing market as soon as possible!

Online auction

Do you want to get the highest possible market price during the rental? If you have several possible tenants, you can organise a 24-hour auction just by one click.

Translate (into Hungarian, German)

Forget about Google Translate! We will translate your ad into Hungarian and German, so potential foreign tenants could also find your rental easily.

Gross price

9 990 HUF
19 990 HUF

Pricing of tenant and roommate services

Every new contacts making and accepting will cost 1 credit both parties each. And why pay when it is free elsewhere? Simply, because this is what makes the system reliable and safe. With this contribution both parties indicate they have serious intentions, and this is how you can make sure you will not be cheated. But don’t worry, your credit will only be charged if your contact request is accepted by the other side.


If you like the ad, you can contact the landlord! If they accept your request - it’s a match! You become a potential tenenant for them since they have also used a credit to contact you. Then you will both receive each other’s contact details automatically.


If you are looking for a roommate, you can send and receive contact requests. Here, on Rentingo you can easily find the best partner who is willing to pay to get your contact details. This will assure you that you are both serious about moving in together. It is important for you to know, that here, on Rentingo you can't use the page without paying. After getting into touch successfully, both parties pay one credit. So don't hesitate, if you like someone, be the initiative!