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The tiny scam definer

My cat and I are looking for a roomie, who

The cats will have twice as big of a room as you, with own furniture, with tiny cushions and a duble bed. The living room is filled with cat climbing frames, and on the door of the bathroom you can see the schedule, when you are allowed to use it, so you will not bother Snowflake in her daily washing up.

A 42 years old bachelor, who actually looks 37 is looking for a flat-mate

This man has seen The Girlfriend Experince too many times. He looks 45. And no, he is not looking for a roomie.

We are looking for a girl flat-mate to the basemant part of our house

Mary and George are hoping that they can find a good and agile girl for their big son, who has been crashing the basement for the last 15 years. In a half year, maybe they can achive their dream of a billiard room, a washing kitchen, a handicrafts corner and of the grandchild, who comes home every two weeks to visit.

An animal lover pacifist would share his living territory

A vegan delivery guy (with a bike) who only eats plant based carbonhydrates till 4 in the afternoon, and who is also a an eight staged Prananade maestro would like to rent out his for yoga used room. It is important to know, that you will need your own fridge, if you want to keep meat in the flat.
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You don’t have to give up your dream apartment even if you have asked all your friends to move in with you or no one has volunteered on Facebook either. In Rentingo’s community you will easily find the ideal roommate who is looking for an apartment with the same parameters and in the same area as you.


If you don’t want to find that you have moved in the 60-sqm version of the Balaton Sound festival or don’t want to live with a jazz drummer collecting tarantulas, just give as many details in your profile as you can. It’s everybody's interest to share and receive as much information as possible in order to avoid inconvenient situations.


By providing your details, you won’t be listed in unknown mailing lists and no one will harass you on the phone offering internet subscriptions. Your contact details will only be shared with your accepted contacts. You will be able to arrange everything online without having to attend unnecessary meetings. Everybody is a real roommate finder just like you.

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